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So proud to announce that I am part of a collaborative and creative industry professionals network in NYC!  Thank you Soho Muse for having me a part of the big family! #WeAreSohoMuse #soho #creativeindustry #party #artist #sohomuse #musee #visualartist #influencers #celebrity #NewYorkCity

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SohoMuse is the first-of-its-kind Vertical Social Network for the Creative Industry.  Centered on an exclusive membership-by-invitation-only platform, creative professionals can promote their talents and projects, network and collaborate with other Creatives and source talent across the globe – all within a secure and trusted ecosystem.

Both a community and a portfolio platform, SohoMuse brings together the best talent from all creative fields in one place and provides the tools and features Creatives need to work more efficiently, network more effectively and increase exposure and opportunities exponentially.

Members are part of an exclusive global community where those seeking talent can find the best creative professionals anywhere… Where Creatives can be proud to showcase their work… Where they can inspire and be inspired.

SohoMuse is a subscription-based website.  All membership fees are being waived throughout Beta, and no credit card is required to join.

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Behind The Lens!

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Welcome to my Blog!

Lisa is a New York City based Photojournalist and Portraiture Photographer. Specializing in celebrity, fashion, and aesthetic photography. Lisa captures beautiful photographs of some of the most influential public figure, celebrities, and events in the world. With her unique creative and artistic expression. The whole picture world in entertainment and fashion.

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Upcoming Red Carpet Coverage!


I will be covering Netflix’s special screening premiere “Bird Box” featuring Sandra Bullock in the house! Stay tuned for my coverage 📸 #redcarpet #sandrabullock #birdbox #netflix

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My work at Getty Images

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If you are interested in purchasing some of my work, online sales and pricing are available at Getty Images website. Click on my embedded image that directly links you to my Getty sales portfolio gallery

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Published In The Headlines!


My video coverage of Actor/Model/Activist Nyle DiMarco featured and published on Mashable website. Nyle addresses the Social Good Summit about the power of  language. Please refer to source links below to see footage.

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Source Links:

Social Good Summit 2018

Additional Source:

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Social Good Summit 2018

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2018 Social Good Summit host it’s 9th annual event brought to you by United Nations Foundation and United Nations Development. Highly sought after global thought leaders, grassroots activists, dignitaries who are influential voices from around the world, and philanthropist celebrities gather together in a general assembly summit held in NYC. Uniting diverse community of technology expertise and arts culture and entertainment to share dynamic ideas and stories that engage towards social and global change.

Pictured: Actor/Model/Deaf Activist Nyle DiMarco who was among the many keynote guest speakers with moderator Rajesh Mirchandani in discussion about his platform “Nothing About Us Without Us” on language acquisition for deaf people.
Connect with Nyle on social media: @nyledimarco
#loveandlanguage #nyledimarco

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Latest Coverage!


US Open coverage August 25, 2018. Powerhouse tennis superstars Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal host kick off US Open’s 50th Anniversary teaming up with other pros and breakout music entertainers at 23rd Annual Arthur Ashe Kids’Day!

#USOpen #serenawilliams #rafaelnadal #50thanniversary

Tournament schedule Info: Visit Tournament starts Aug 27-Sept 3rd.

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Fashion Portraits


Victory Cup Fashionista dressed to impress and it’s all about the hats! Men and women wearing embellished hats and accessories to express his/her personal style. The best Victory Cup Polo Match couture befitting the occasion of Polo experience!

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